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Bozboz have boosted their client roster again, winning the GAK digital marketing account without a pitch. GAK - the Brighton institution and the UK’s premier musical instrument shop - has appointed Bozboz to roll out and run a comprehensive outreach strategy and cement their reputation as the best in the business.

GAK’s Jon Kennett, says: “We're very excited to begin working with our new digital marketing partner, Bozboz. In an ever evolving digital landscape, we understand the importance of being ahead of the curve so that GAK continues to be at the forefront of musical instrument retail in the UK.

“Not only are we keen to support local Brighton enterprise, but Bozboz's outstanding reputation, digital marketing expertise, unique creative approach and core audience affinity means we are very confident that our new partnership will be instrumental in taking the brand to the next level.”

The partnership consolidates Bozboz’s musical credentials, with a host of artists, DJs and festival clients already amongst their portfolio, including Sundown, Love Supreme and Goldie.

Ears to the ground, GAK are turning it up to 11.


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