Factory Internet partners with Ricoh to supply proactive managed services into Vodafone UK

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Ricoh approached Factory Internet whilst seeking a new supplier to provide proactive management services for a business critical, high profile environment within Vodafone UK.
The platform consisted of a cluster of Red Hat servers based at Newbury HQ.
Utilised for internal users to gain access to the VF network, platform availability was key in the management, administration and access into the VF UK network.
It was imperative the new supplier would be able to proactively manage the platform, where incidents could occur.

Vodafone are a long standing, high profile customer of Ricoh.

• Linux OS (Red Hat)
• Linux Clustering
• Proactive systems monitoring and management
• Service management
• Scripting

The platform had no direct access to the Internet, a separate challenge in providing proactivity but one Factory Internet was confident they could overcome.
The new supplier would also provide the highest level of service, value for investment, Service management and Technical expertise around Red Hat


Managed Service 24/7 With expert knowledge in Linux systems, Factory Internet proceeded to accept the new systems into service, our main challenge was the lack of Internet access from the platform. However, with dedication to high quality service, value and customer relations, Factory custom-built Linux scripts which collects key metrics and data, then securely forward that into email, this then gets interpreted and loads the content into a monitoring system to graph metrics, capacity and work out the status of key services. From there it became viable to provide the key, proactively, monitored and alerting element of service, something no former supplier has been able to provide to date.


“Factory Internet come as highly recommended supplier of Linux and Cloud services. We have utilised Factory Internet services for the past FY and recently renewed the service once again. Our previous supplier provided no-where near the customer service excellence and value for money that Factory Internet deliver. The difference is like night and day. Factory Internet are proactive in their approach, with 80% of service requests identified and resolved by a proactive monitoring approach before it reached critical escalation.
Their commitment to the customer and cost effective solutions will undoubtedly contribute toward their success and growth of the company.



Ricoh now have the peace of mind one of their top profile customers are being well looked after by expert, proactive services. Vodafone UK have peace of mind potential incidents can be picked up prior to becoming business effecting and users can access this significant platform as when required.
• Maximum platform availability, ensuring access 24/7.
• Expert Linux support and update management.
• Proactively managed service, preventing incidents occurring on business-critical platform.
• Service managed with monthly reporting and face to face meeting
• Customer visibility of management graphs with direct service portal link.
• Continuous service improvements and relationship management

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