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Grow your audience with evergreen contentWhat is evergreen content? Well, just like evergreen trees, evergreen content doesn’t change. It doesn’t date like news, so it remains relevant weeks, months or even years after it was published.

The great thing about evergreen content is that it actually becomes more valuable over time. By being repeatedly shared through email marketing and across social media, it can bring more relevant traffic to your site, and occupy valuable search positions for extended periods of time.

Anyone trying to grow their email list knows that evergreen content is key. You can’t actually predict what content will become evergreen, though, so it’s about understanding your audience really well and knowing what they’ll find most valuable.

At Wildheart we can help you research your audience and create and nurture your evergreen content to build trust and credibility. To find out more about evergreen content and why it’s so important for your business, read our article


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