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Get your digital project off to a flying start!I'm launching The Digital Project Playbook (DPP) which is a free tool to help people put together a rock solid project brief.

Designing and building things on the web can be really rewarding not to mention fun, but it's important to get started right. A clear brief is critical to a successful project, but they can be hard to write, particularly if development is not your area of expertise.

The Digital Project Playbook make it easy by guiding users through the process, providing details on what each section is about, how best to answer the questions and things to bear in mind.

I created this as an extension to the work I already do with my client. Particularly on the web, things have got very complex, so often the first stage of a project is actually to work through the clients ideas and then turn that into a proper brief so that I can quote accurately.

The DPP means that if they want to, they can do this themselves, before getting agencies, designers or developer involved.

Having a clear idea of what's required at the start makes it better for the client, better for the agencies and better for the end users too.

Check it out, we'd be really grateful for your feedback.


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