Lexel Pick-up 2 Awards in the Tech Design Awards 2017

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Have you ever wondered who the leading website and app developers are in Brighton? If the Tech Design Awards 2017 are anything to go by then Lexel and their continued winning streak might be a clue. They took home the award for Best Tech Start Up for their mobile application, Ask the Midwife and saw their app Dimble, receive Silver place in the RetailTech category, too.

Ask the Midwife is a revolutionary app which allows you to communicate directly with Registered Midwives and get fast responses straight to your phone, 7 days a week. Anyone who has searched the web for help with a medical issue will know that there are so many conflicting opinions and recommendations online. It can leave someone already worried in a state of confusion and panic. Medical advice is always best coming from a professional and when pregnancy and birth are concerned, the need to speak to a midwife is unquestionable.

This app was developed by a number of the team of Lexel. Founder and CEO, Jason Gaved and Lead Developer, Jano Amigo worked with Developer, Alex Papasavva and Junior Project Manager, Zoe Hedinger, to deliver the app to the brief that the Registered Midwives had written. They understood the motive behind the app and wanted to make it possible for Midwives, many of whom have families of their own, to earn money from their time and expertise in an innovative way. After ranking in the top 50 in the iOS app store medical category charts within its first month, Ask the Midwife went on to be downloaded over 1500 times in the first 3 months. It has received over 14 thousand followers across its social media platforms as well as nominations for the Worthing and Adur Young Achiever Business Award. Its paid conversion rate is 8%, which, when compared to the UK average of 2.18%, is extremely impressive.

The other app to win an award at the Tech Design Awards this year is Dimble which was created to take the hassle out of shopping online. There are so many retailers selling online yet it can be a nightmare to find what you’re looking for. Lexel’s client had a simple idea to make searching for clothes online more straightforward. They wanted to build an app which would allow people to find products from a huge range of different brands all in the same place as well as be able to use dynamic sentences to get a more specific search result. This made the feel of the app more usable and natural for the user. Dimble is great for people who have been put off by the complications of online shopping. Not only can you browse through all your favourite brands in one place but you are also only required to enter your card details once. No more inputting credit card details again and again for different shops, it can all be done through Dimble.

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android, phones and tablets and has a user friendly interface which means that the user experience is noticeably more enhanced than any other application of its kind on the market. After a successful soft launch in 2017, Dimble grew its popularity through social media and email campaigns. The feedback has been entirely positive and Lexel look forward to seeing how Dimble continues to dominate this market.

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