Magento acquire CMS software built by Brighton Ecommerce Agency

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Magento has acquired the technology behind the popular Bluefoot CMS & Page Builder software developed by Brighton-based Gene Commerce.

Bluefoot has enjoyed rapid adoption and endorsements from the Magento ecosystem since its initial release at the Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2016.

The integration of Bluefoot CMS into the core of Magento will empower Magento merchants to exert greater control and creativity over the digital experiences they deliver to their customers by providing a powerful set of tools to help them create and manage content and site layout of their Magento store, everything from product descriptions through to blogs.

Gene continue to innovate and develop ground breaking software alongside their client contracts and released the first ApplePay payment method for Magento just before Christmas. The investment obtained from Silicon Valley will enable Gene to continue its rapid growth and take on up to 20 new team members here in Brighton.


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