Make Real chosen as winner of Immersive Company of the Year Award

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Immersive Perspective Awards Winner graphicBrighton-based immersive training, simulation, learning and development content studio Make Real have been recognised by Virtual Perceptions in their Immersive Perspective Awards as "Immersive Company of the Year", for their ethos and approach to design and development, as well as wider outreach with charities and organisations to improve pathways into the digital industries.

Make Real have been driving learning and development, training and simulation immersive content for over a decade, recently focusing on VR to foster behavioral change and positive impact upon employee engagement and enterprise around health, safety and well-being.

Always looking to educate rather than hard sell technology for the sake of it, Make Real has a considered approach that encourages collaboration and valid use cases to increase the potential of immersive technologies deployed effectively. Working with global partners, the small studio punches above their weight, delivering impactful experiences for efficient budgets.

Make Real takes the time to get it right and inclusive for all users of all backgrounds, working with local learning disability charities, blind and vision impaired groups and under-represented inclusive and diversity groups to enable knowledge and access to development pathways.

Their Director of Immersive Technologies was also named as "Immersive Pioneer of the Year" for work in and around education and evangelising the possibilities of the technologies for enterprise, entertainment and benefits to users and creatives of all backgrounds


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