New series of workshops in Lewes aims to help local businesses make sense of the social web

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Local businesses are being offered the chance to find out how to market themselves effectively using social media, at three evening events at Lewes Werks ( ) starting September 24th.

"There's a lot of interest in social media tools and social networking at the moment, and the area is growing fast, but many businesses are struggling to make sense of it. Even big brands are making mistakes in this area, it's still very new," explained co-organiser, Robin Houghton. "These sessions are designed to offer practical ideas and examples, whilst at the same time explaining what social media is about and what does and doesn't work."

These social media training events are aimed at SME owners and marketing managers looking to improve the online marketing of their business. Full details about the events can be found at and places can be booked online.

The organisers are Rosie Sherry who runs Schux (, a firm that builds online communities, and online marketing specialist Robin Houghton of Eggbox (

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