RamJam creates online driving game for More Than ‘Smart Wheels’ car insurance

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 MORE TH>N Smart Wheels HTML5 Viral GameAs a promotional strategy to raise awareness about the black box car insurance Smart Wheels offered by More Than, RamJam worked with communication agency VCCP to create an online driving game that rewards users for safe driving.

The campaign will be promoted through animated videos distributed across social media that will aim to engage and encourage parents and young drivers to enjoy the benefits of safe driving and reward them for good driving behaviour through monetary incentives.

Participants who score 1,000 or more points in the game can enter the draw between October 23rd and November 13th to be in with a chance of winning the £1,000 cash prize.

An insight revealed that alongside often high insurance costs, one of the biggest worries parents of young people have was about their safety when they first get on the road alone.

Danielle Stooke, senior brand manager at More Than, said: “My aim at More Than is to find new, interesting and innovative ways to reach and engage with our audience. This addictive game is a fantastic way for us to demonstrate how Smart Wheels is motor insurance with a difference; where good driving is rewarded with money back and savings, and importantly helps to keep young drivers safe. It’s also great fun to play too.“

Tom Jackson, creative director at RamJam said “Creating a retro game for More Than’s humorous Smart Wheels campaign was great fun and a perfect fit for RamJam. Giving a British feel to the graphics and adding spoof power ups were a fun nod to the old school games we played as kids. Simplifying the controls was fundamental to making the game playable on today’s mobile devices and ensures the game is accessible for everyone.

Andy Booth, creative director at VCCP added: “'More Than Smart Wheels' is a fantastic product which actively encourages and rewards safe driving behaviours. What better way to reflect this that than a brilliantly addictive 16-bit driving game, that appeals not only to the young drivers that need affordable insurance, but also their worried parents who'll often end up paying for it. ”

The game allows the users to collect coins, avoid collisions, keep to the speed limit and let the grannies cross the road thus encouraging good driving behaviour.

Play the game here https://morethansmartwheelsgame.com/

More about the project here https://www.ramjam.co.uk/project/more-than-smart-wheels-game/


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