Student Entrepreneurs raise £200,000 to bring Artificial Intelligence to university education

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BRIGHTON development agency Lexel and a team of Leeds-based entrepreneurs have successfully raised £200,000 through crowdfunding website Crowdcube to launch Synap, an online education platform that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to ‘enhance the way students learn’.

When revising for exams or revisiting lectures, 80% of students often choose passive methods of studying, such as staring at a textbook, or making notes during lectures for the purpose of re-reading later on in an effort to remember as much as possible.

Research actually suggests that students would be better off with spacing their learning out over time to retain information more effectively, and engaging in participatory learning methods, since this creates and maintains new brain neurons, enhances memory and allows students to recall information more effectively.

Students who used spaced repetition and participatory revision techniques recorded a 50% increase in exam performance than those who studied with passive methods, such reading, highlighting textbooks or attending lectures.

James Gupta, Co-Founder of Synap commented:
“Studies clearly show that people retain information and improve their memory more effectively when using shorter ‘training’ sessions of 5-10 minutes at a time. By combining this research with the power of AI, our vision is to revolutionise the traditional education system, and deliver the Holy Grail of education: personalised, adaptive learning for all. We could see lectures become extinct in years to come”.

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular route for early stage technology companies to secure funding, and in Synap’s case allowed them to raise their seed-funding with over 140 different investors, with investment amounts ranging from £10 to £50,000.

The team have chosen Brighton-based development agency Lexel, whose previous clients include The Student Room and Oxford University, to develop the mobile and web versions of Synap. Lexel’s founder, and Synap’s Head of Technology Jason Gaved said, “As a shareholder in the app and the chosen development partner, we are extremely proud to be designing and developing the mobile application for Synap. With over 13,000 users and having raised over £200,000 in crowdfunding, we are extremely excited about the future of this application. We genuinely think we can change the face of revision and studying as it stands today.”.

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