World's top gamification experts coming to speak at Gamification Europe

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Logo for Gamification Europe ConferenceGAMIFICATION+ LTD has created a new international conference for the gamification industry. We have the world's experts and speakers flying in from the US, Mexico, Egypt and further away to Brighton to share their knowledge and experience with us at the end of November.

Gamification is a relatively new idea and industry and often people have a hard time understanding how gamification can (or can’t) help their business. Some think that gamification is a trend that just puts some bells and whistles on top of things and others that it will solve all the worlds problems.

The theme of this first event is the Hero’s Journey. The best speaking slots have gone to the bravest speakers who are willing to talk about what has gone wrong with their use of gamification, the obstacles overcome and what they have learnt from that.

As the Gamification event of 2017, it’s the place to be for anyone using or interested in using gamification to foster behaviour change, whether it be for marketing, loyalty, staff motivation, employee engagement, effective learning, innovation or culture change.

This event is for business leaders looking to find gamification specialists for advice, software platforms or development of bespoke solutions and learn more about effective storytelling, digital transformation, learning, developing leaders and effective gamification project delivery.

Gamification Europe will happen in Brighton at the 28th and 29th of November at the Hilton Brighton Metropolitan hotel. We hope you can join us in this quest to find out more about gamification and how to best design and implement it in our organisations.

For 20% off all our different ticket options, just enter the code GE20WIRED.

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