Successful Projects

What Project did you post?
A project for the Museum in Docklands for an exhibition about Jack the Ripper and the changes those events provoked; especially around East London. The project was to produce an online viral site that encouraged; engaged and expanded the audience who attend the exhibition. We have been working with the museum on the rest of the exhibition identity and marketing materials that focuses around a newspaper that we created in-house which highlighted the exhibition and is photographed to evoke a sense of time and place. We wanted to transfer this visual tone of voice into an online experience that people would share.

What kind of response did you get?
We had a vibrant response from the posting; and we very nearly went with one of the companies that got in touch; Kanoti – who were professional, friendly and approachable.
Unfortunately we weren’t able to use Kanoti’s services on this occasion – but when the opportunity presents itself in the future we will definitely get in touch with them first.

Have you started the Project yet?
The job that we posted actually went live the other day and is generating a fair amount of press and getting a lot of use – have a play on it and you’ll get a discount voucher to the Museum in Docklands to see a great exhibition!

Would you use the Projects Board again?
Yes; looking forward to it.