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Closing date: 04/11/2018

Location: London

Project Description: My main client are very likely to be somewhat left in the lurch by me upping sticks and moving to a new position in the public sector. I've promised to try and help them out by replacing myself if possible.

The role is basically sysadmin/"devops", working for a startup. Their infrastructure is largely on-premise/bare metal, though they do have an AWS deployment as well. Their (and my) main focus over the last couple of months has been building sending out very highly-specced tower servers to run their platform. They're using Ansible for pretty much everything (the bare-metal build and AWS) and the platform itself is java/tomcat-based. I think the medium to long-term plan is to switch to a docker-ised solution, but that's not even under development yet. That reminds me, one of the projects being workd on is Kubernetes-based.

The platform itself is pretty interesting - they're using machine learning to analyse vide/CCTV footage to do things like face/motion/person detection, so any interest in that side of things would probably be to your advantage.

Their office is in Mayfair, which I personally find pretty cool, and they generally prefer people in the office - but some working from home is possible.

Please get in touch if this sounds interesting, and you're looking for work at the mo..
Budget: Please provide rates

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Project added: 03/10/2018

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