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Closing date: 05/04/2019

Location: Brighton

Project Description: I am looking for a graphic designer to support my upcoming project, which is a mosaic roof garden design. I am currently working with the architects on the conceptual design stage of the overall roof garden and by mid-April, the following tasks need to be completed (the ones including a graphic designer):

- 3 different versions of coloured schematic sections, elevation drawings to illustrate the design intent of the overall project. A presentation of the garden layout design has already been created in SketchUp and my idea is to use that file to add the detailed design of the mosaics onto the top of that. However as I am not familiar with how easy/difficult task is to work with somebody else's file, I will be open to suggestions on how we can leverage the already existing designs.

- 12 enlarged images from the current design to show the exact detailed mosaic pattern that will be applied to that particular part of the garden wall/floor/sculpture/furniture ...etc. The design ideas will be provided by me based on the signed-off the concept by the client.

At this stage what I would like to ask from you are:
- do you work with SketchUp?
- do you have the necessary expertise in 3D design projects?
- time and price estimate to help me completing the 2 areas mentioned above?

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Project added: 04/03/2019

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