Brand Restructure/Consolidation

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Closing date: 29/06/2019

Location: Lewes

Project Description: We have outgrown our existing brand guidelines and our brand and voice are lacking clarity.

1. The Brief
We need to move away from an organisation with a voice that is divided by audiences and sub-brands and move towards an organisation that has one brand/one voice - with a series of products and offerings.

We are looking to employ an agency to analyse, restructure, consolidate and strengthen our brand so that it supports the growth of the organisation.

This process is not about refreshing elements for the sake of it. This is about consolidating/clarifying what we have and making enhancements where we need to.

2. Timelines
May - Brief out to tender
30th June - Deadline for submissions
2nd July - Shortlisted agencies notified
10th July - Interviews / informal pitches
12th July - Successful applicant notified
July-August - Development time
September - Final guidelines and assets supplied for implementation by us

3. Deliverables - What we think we need

3.1 Analysis of existing brand/understanding our organisation.
Understand existing brand, products, IP and who we speak to. Understand the gap between what we have and where we need to be.

3.2 Development of New Brand
Developing a carefully considered brand that has a clear structure and enables us to grow and develop our output while maintaining consistency of brand and voice.

The following brand elements need to be updated:

3.2a. Brand personality
Define our brand personality - who we are and how we are different.

3.2b. Tone of voice
Our overarching voice as an organisation has become fragmented, we don’t have a distinct voice. We need to help readers see our overarching values and make it easier for people to connect with the issue and us as a charity. Our business needs to be more memorable and trusted, as a cause to get behind.

We need clarity on how we cater for different audiences and how we speak about our various products, offerings and IP.

Current IP (More information on these in appendix):

In preparation for this project we have produced a ‘brand language play book’ which has helped us to consolidate and refine a lot of our language and terminology. This is in the appendix and should be used as a starting point when developing our final ToV and brand personality.

3.2c. Strapline
Clarity on how we use our strapline.

3.2d. Design elements of the brand
Refine and clarify how we use all design elements of the brand, but we want to retain the main NN logo and main brand colours.

These include:

Wider colour pallet




Graphic devices

3.3 Brand application
We need full guidelines and restrictions on how to apply and protect the brand.

3.3a. Application to existing products
As well as the usual examples of brand application to different platforms, materials and websites we need guidance and recommendations on how to apply the brand to our existing key products:

The main NN site

The National Numeracy Challenge (online tool - free public access)

Family Maths Toolkit

For more information on each of these products see appendix.

This should include;

updated logos for products that enable them to look like part of the NN family

And a recommended by NN logo for use on partnered resources (see Family Maths Toolkit section of appendix)

3.3b. Future proof for the development of new products

A recommended template/approach for applying the new brand to these products and their websites/materials.

This should then enable us to confidently apply the brand to new products in the future and ensuring everything we produce is recognisably connected to NN.

3.3c. Corporate/funder facing

We also need direction and clarity on how to apply the brand to corporate/funder facing documents, without diluting our voice or brand personality.
Budget: circa £20,000

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Project added: 28/05/2019

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