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About the Workspace

A home for your work

Established in 2008, The Skiff has chosen to stay relatively small, limiting itself to just one central location that brings together a community of up to 250 freelancers, remote workers and solo business owners.

Their shared work and social space nestled in the heart of Brighton is focused on supporting individuals for one day a week or more and offers a choice of 5 different work areas to match your mood, shared monitors, comfortable chairs, full-size standing desks, meeting rooms, and (currently virtual) social gatherings every week.

What if you had a safe, private space in central Brighton that your colleagues could use together whenever they need it? 

The Skiff has spaces for small teams to have dedicated offices, using the bright and airy rooms in the upstairs of The Skiff's building. 

Available now for the exclusive use of your team for 3-month blocks, each room comes with: 

  • Independent air conditioning systems 
  • Rock solid wifi
  • Wired 200 mbps enterprise grade internet connection

Your team can share the rest of The Skiff with our members - freelancers and small businesses who feel particularly safe thanks to: 

  • A limit on total users: currently a maximum of just 30 people per day share almost 5,000 sq ft. 
  • Member only access: everyone is far more conscientious and the track and trace mechanism is better than any app can be. 
  • Modern fresh air ventilation and filtration system that reduces the chance of airbourne infection. 

For more information, please get in touch with Carl, Co-Founder of The Skiff,


Carl -


The Skiff

30 Cheapside
East Sussex